Moldex 9400 EasyLock Gas Filter Box-5pairs

Moldex 9400 EasyLock Gas Filter Box-5pairs

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£58.34 / box(es)
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1 pair(s) = £11.67

1 pair(s) = £11.67

Moldex 9400 EasyLock Gas Filter Cartridge for Mask 7000&9000 

Protection against gas, vapour and dust


Products Features:


  • Moldex 9400 supplies as a pair
  • EASYLOCK Filters for Series 7000 & 9000 masks
  • No need for additional clips or holders, different gas and particulate filters can be combined.
  • EasyLock particulate filters can either be connected to the EasyLock gas cartridge or directly to the mask body.
  • Adapters or particulate pre-filters are not necessary.
  • Moldex 9400 A1B1E1K1 protection against organic, inorganic gases & vapours, acid gases and ammonia, boiling point > 65 C.


Service Life of Cartridges and Particulate Filters:


  1. If you can smell gases or vapours when you use the gas filters, they are exhausted and must be replaced(no later than 6 months after the original packaging is opened.
  2. Replace the particular filter if the breathing resistance increase dramatically.
  3. The filter must always be replaced in pairs.
  4. You must adhere to the use-by-date.


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