LIFESAVER bottle strap

LIFESAVER bottle strap

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LIFESAVER black bottle strap

The 1500UF, 4000UF and 6000UF LIFESAVER water filter bottle is ideal for hiking, fishing, camping, outdoor activities and international travel due to its portability, size and weight. Ensure you have it close to you at all times with the LIFESAVER bottle strap. Easy to attach and simple to extend or shorten, the LIFESAVER bottle strap allows you to attach the bottle to a bag or yourself, and carry it with ease. 

The black bottle strap is an optional item and does not come as standard with purchases of the LIFESAVER bottle 1500UF, 4000UF and 6000UF. 


LIFESAVER bottle strap includes

  • 1 x LIFESAVER bottle strap (for use with the 1500UF, 4000UF and 6000UF bottle)

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