GCE Sabre MARS Resuscitator Industrial kit - Adult Only

GCE Sabre MARS Resuscitator Industrial kit - Adult Only

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GCE Sabre MARS Resuscitator Industrial kit - Adult Only

The Sabre MARS is a manual and automatic resuscitator and based around two central components – the Control Module and the Patient Valve.Sabre MARS is the result of extensive research and development; the culmination of Sabre’s 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of resuscitators.

All models are designed to meet BS6850:1987 for ventilatory resuscitators. Whilst there are many versions of the Sabre MARS, they are all based on the same design philosophy enabling the carer to concentrate on looking after the patient, not on operating the equipment.

With Sabre MARS the operator does not have to make judgements on the lung capacity of the patient to select a tidal volume; only the basic size or type of patient being cared for. Once this simple operation has been made the MARS will control both tidal volume and pulse frequency within the parameters laid down in the British Standards.

Even if the wrong setting is selected there is no risk of over inflating the patient’s lungs. The MARS always ‘fails safe’ and will vent excess gas whilst giving the operator an audible warning that the equipment is not being used correctly.




  • Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System
  • Selectable tidal volume/patient settings for automatic mode
  • Demand valve delivers 100% Oxygen upon inspiritory phase, shutting down the automatic breathing programme
  • If the automatic breathing senses the zero flow, the airway reaches 45 cm H20 and an audible alarm will sound if the patient airway pressure becomes over pressurised or blocked
  • Manual override trigger allows the operator to perform lung saturation and resuscitation
  • Conforms to BS6850:1987
  • Suitable for adults
  • Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information

MARS Industrial kit with demand valve and trigger (100 l/min flow), control module with adult only setting. Pin index regulator with 11 setting constant flow (1 - 23 l/min). Square Carry bag, masks and head harness.

Note: Cylinder not included.

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