Cirrus Healthcare EarPlanes for Kids - 1 Pair

Cirrus Healthcare EarPlanes for Kids - 1 Pair

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Cirrus Healthcare EarPlanes for Adults - 1 Pair

Many travellers can experience ear discomfort, clogging, pain whilst flying. This is caused by the change in cabin pressure. With Cirrus healthcare EarPlanes ear plugs, ear discomfort can be a thing of the past. 

Approved by doctors, they contain the exclusive Ceram X filter that regulates air pressure naturally. If you find flying uncomfortable then these are the earplugs for you. 

This product is suitable for ages 1 and 11. 

  • Relieves air pressure discomfort with exclusive CeramX Filter. 
  • Reduces harsh noise. 
  • Made From Soft Hypoallergnic Silicone, Drug free. 
  • Tested By U.S Navy Pilots
  • Backed By The Good HouseKeeping Seal


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